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It’s been a long time coming, but this really is the first wireless alarm solution that Locsafe are confident enough in its reliability, design and build quality to put our name to.

A professional, modern and flexible wireless solution that meets industry grade 2 standards, making it suitable for both residential and low risk commercial sites.

Wireless systems offer plenty of advantages over hardwired. Not only does it eliminate the need to tear holes in your walls or run wires, but when you move to a new property the system can move with you. They also allow for future expansion of the system with a wide variety of features that not only enhance your buildings security but can make your life safer and easier. 

No one knows what the future holds, so planning for all your future needs when you have an alarm system installed is extremely impractical, not to mention expensive.  Now we can add many devices to your alarm system at any time, quickly and cost effectively.

Features include;

Flood, gas, carbon monoxide, and smoke wireless detectors:

In the event of water, gas or carbon monoxide leaks or fire, the alarm automatically notifies you or the monitoring service, enabling you to take immediate action.

Wristband panic transmitters: Ideal for elderly parents living alone. Waterproof, it can be worn at all times, on the wrist or as a pendant. In case of emergency, it alerts the control centre or the person of your choice via a mobile phone. In addition, Agility alerts you if your elderly parents are immobile at home for more than a specified time frame.

GSM module:  Are your kids safely home from school? Have they returned home unexpectedly during the day?  Did they disarm the system? Give them their own alarm code or fob and you can receive automatic updates via your cell-phone.

X10 Integration/ Home Automation:  Capabilities include a scheduler for automatic activation of home devices such as lighting, the garage door and garden sprinklers. While away on vacation you can automatically turn on/off lights and your stereo system at scheduled times during the day, giving the impression that your home is occupied.

IP cameras: can be connected allowing you to view and monitor your home and enables the monitoring station to verify intrusion events.

Indoor and outdoor motion detectors, shock detectors, and glass-break detectors: protect your home at all times. The alarm also has Pet friendly detectors that allow complete freedom of movement for pets with no loss of detection performance.  Additionally, Internal and External Sounders provide an audible alarm notification following an intrusion attempt.

Making use of multiple wireless keypads, proximity fobs and wireless remotes to set and unset the system makes our new wireless alarm system very user friendly, this backed up with our professional installation and maintenance service will give you peace of mind for years to come.

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Wireless Alarm Systems

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    It’s been a long time coming, but this really is the first wireless alarm solution that Locsafe...