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Anti-Arson Letterbox Plate

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 A letterbox is a necessary evil - You need it to receive mail but it can leave your property vulnerable to criminals, vandals and anti-social behaviour.

Most solutions to this problem are large, unsightly metal boxes which can obstruct the door from fully opening and resulting in large items of post being bent, damaged or just left outside.

This is an effective, elegant solution to this problem, its patented design allows all types of mail to be accepted and significantly improves the security of your property.

Its special fire retardant, self-extinguishing fabric can also contain small fires.

Manufactured from the highest quality materials, this product can be fitted to almost any door in a matter of minutes.

A simple and effective way to improve the security of your mail and your premises:
• Security;  Mail is kept out of sight, not on the floor where it is a clear indication to burglars that no one is in.
• Lockable; The letterbox can be securely locked closed when required. In addition the mailbag can be secured with a padlock to prevent any unauthorised access to your post. This is particularly useful in preventing identity fraud or the theft of money or cheques in the mail.
• Fire Prevention; The special fire retardant and self-extinguishing fabric will contain small fires and even blast from fireworks.
• Convenient;  The post can be retrieved easily without bending down to the floor, particularly helpful to those with mobility problems and wheelchair users.
• Large Capacity;  Accepts bulky items such as newspapers, magazines and even telephone directories.
• Pet Proof;  Prevents pets from destroying important or valuable mail.
• Easy Installation;  Easily fitted in minutes to almost any door, including uPVC using simple tools. HomeGUARD can also be removed and re-used just as simply.

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